Surf Spot Le Morne

Mauritius is one of the best and versatile surf spots in the world. Whether beginner, advanced or pro, any surfer can find the most suitable surf spot here, just a couple of hundred meters apart from each other around the peninsular Le Morne. If shallow water for Kitesurf and Windsurf beginners or Freestyle training in the Kite Lagoon, small waves within the reef for advanced or one of the waves like famous One-Eye for the pro`s, its all at your choice.  Those who need wind for their passion can profit from the 556 m high Le Morne Barbant, creating a convenient seebreeze in favour for our sport.  By the way, the name One Eye arose because you can see from that spot through the eye of the face in Le Morne Barbant.  Early morning before the wind is starting to pick up there are several waves for surfing or SUP around. Beginners can profit from Little Reef, a nice rolling and not so powerful wave in beach area. Manawa or One-Eye and Anchor have more power and it is advisable to rent a boat for transfer to the waves, especially for the way back when adrenaline is gone and the muscles are just not listening any more. Boats are available and especially affordable upon demand. In below thread you might find more detailed information about the spots, posted by our clients!

From Surfer to Surfers

In below thread you can share your personal experience on a surf spot around Mauritius. This gives other surfers the opportunity to gain from you and be well prepared for their own adventure.  

Not to lose the overview please use below rules when writing a post:

Try to use English language. Even if it’s not your great ability, the message counts not the grammar.

To keep an overview, use a headline containing the category (Surf, Windsurf, Kitesurf, SUP) and the surf spot as detailed as possible.

Example: Windsurf – ONE EYE

Explain a bit about your surf level and the gear you used. 

 That’s it, please go ahead….!

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    Thomas (Monday, 21 May 2018 06:37)

    Surf – LITTLE REEF
    Hi, looks like I am the first one here :) but I think it’s a great idea. Hope I do everything right.
    Actually I came for Kitesurfing to Mauritius in April this year (2018) but the wind starts normally not before about 0900 o’clock in the morning so we went out quite often to surf in the early morning.
    I am surfing already several years but I can’t say that I am a good surfer, doing it just a few days in a year. Basically I am starting to surf green waves. We rented the boards (I had a 8.2 fun board) and went out to little reef. You can reach this spot directly from the beach. Just go to “The Point” and then you can see it already or just ask some of the local surfers around. After paddling some 300m (!?) you are there. I can only say it is amazing. I have never caught so many waves and ever since I really consider doing surfing more often. It was not like the Atlantic waves I know, mostly quite choppy and very steep so that you get washed every time. So little reef is pretty clean and really “friendly” and I can recommend it to beginners! Only one note, paddling the way back can be quite exhausting. There is the opportunity to rent boats. Depending on your body condition and money ;-)